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Re: do you use separate .zshenv and .zshrc files?

On Sat, 28 Apr 2012, TJ Luoma wrote:

On Saturday, April 28, 2012 at 4:54 PM, Benjamin R. Haskell wrote:

My config currently spans 19 files, so my bias should be apparent. I
keep everything in ~/.zsh/, except for machine-specific settings, which
I put in ~/.zsh.local/. And ~/.zshenv is a symlink to ~/.zsh/.zshenv,
which sets ZDOTDIR to ~/.zsh. My ~/.zsh/.zshrc sources the other files
in ~/.zsh/, most of which have some guard at the top (e.g.
~/.zsh/.zsh_screen returns if the `screen` command isn't installed).

Ok, now I'm curious:

1. What are the 19 files? Functions in one, aliases in another, variables in another? I can't even imagine that many different files, but maybe I'm missing something.

Note that I didn't say my bias was "correct", only "apparent".  ;-)

It's mostly from inertia that I still keep my config in that many files, but here they are (I miscounted -- only 18):

.zsh_aliases - one-liners: aliases, hash -d, some tiny functions
.zsh_checkconfig - alerts me when certain commands/non-zsh configs are missing (e.g. .screenrc)
.zsh_colors - (obsolete) sets some vars to contain VT100 escape sequences
.zsh_completion - completion-system-specific configuration
.zsh_functions - functions of >1 line, simple perl scripts
.zsh_history_setup - history-related options
.zsh_im - sets up X11 Input Method (IM)
.zsh_locale - my locale settings (en_US.UTF-8 except LC_COLLATE=POSIX)
.zsh_make_backups - backs up my .historyfile and a few other files daily
.zsh_math - (rarely used) some small functions/vars relating to math
.zsh_nosefart - small functions for nosefart (an NES sound file player)
.zsh_prompt - sets up my prompt (lots of custom functions)
.zsh_screen - some functions and aliases for using screen/dtach
.zsh_ssh - set up my SSH agent
.zsh_ssh_logip - log my IP if logging in via SSH
.zsh_svn_backup - (obsolete - from when I was using SVN rather than git)
.zshenv - environment variables, paths, etc.
.zshrc - command_not_found_handler, env vars that only make sense interactively ($LESS, $PAGER, $EDITOR), general Zsh settings, loads the other files (including things in .zsh.local, if it exists)

2. Are you primarily using one computer or several? If several, how do you keep this in sync?

I generally have a work PC and a home PC. I keep both of those configs in git, occasionally cherry-picking things from the work repo into my home repo. For systems where I won't likely make many modifications, I generally just rsync to the remote system. Then custom things go in .zsh.local (e.g. .zsh.local/.zsh_prompt always contains a custom prompt color). For small synchronization tasks, I use a function that calls vimdiff on the local and remote files.

FWIW my ~/.zshenv and ~/.zshenv are links to ~/Dropbox/etc/Zsh/env.sh and ~/Dropbox/etc/Zsh/rc.sh but I have some shell accounts which I can't sync via Dropbox so I end up syncing them manually (scp) and it always seems like one file would be easier there too. OTOH I suppose rsync would be easy enough.

Yeah. At the rate I make modifications (infrequently, and usually in batches), I find it's easy enough to just:

rsync -av ~/.zsh remote-machine:


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