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compinit causes completion to fail?

I split my .zshenv and .zshrc into several smaller files which are sourced separately, and now I've broken completion :-/

If I include these two lines in my zshenv file[1]:

autoload -U compinit

then completion fails with this message:

_complete:117: command not found: _normal

and a ~/.zcompdump file is created [2]

but if I comment out those two lines:

#autoload -U compinit

then completion seems to work OK.

HOWEVER, if I remove my ~/.zshenv and all related ~/.z* files, and then use 'autoload -U compinit' and 'compinit' then it works fine, and the 'zcompdump' file looks better [4], which further solidifies my belief that the problem here is something I've done in my .zshenv files… but what?

Did I fail to load something before turning on compinit, or did I set something too early? Bindkeys, perhaps?

If you look at the 'zcompdump' file [2], specifically at line 117, it says:

bindkey '^[g" get-lin'   

that looks wrong to me. In fact, ALL of the bindkey lines look like they have lost the last character.

This started immediately after I split my ~/.zshenv file into several different files. You can see them all here [3]. This is using 4.3.11 on Mac OS X 10.7.3.  

I have no idea what I've done here, but I'd appreciate any help.






Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author