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Re: auto suggestions

On Jun 7, 11:28am, Miek Gieben wrote:
} http://ridiculousfish.com/shell/images/autosuggestion.png
} Is somelike like that even remotely possible with zsh?

Search the zsh manual for "predict".

It's been a while since the predictive typing widgets were updated,
there may be some stuff that could be done better or that has poor
interactions with recent changes to completion.  Also it's very
sensitive to variations in completion-related zstyles, some things
that work well when hammering away on the TAB key are not useful
when trying to insert a single best guess on the fly.  So you may
need to spend some time tweaking styles if you want to use it.

Also the size of your shell history determines how much stuff can be
remembered and predicted -- that fish example suggests that it will
remember that command forever, but zsh will only remember it until
it is rolled out of your history by more recent commands.

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