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Re: Lua / zsh problems

meino.cramer@xxxxxx wrote:
>     echo $LUA_PATH 
> gives:
> zsh: no matches found:
> LUA_PATH='/usr/lib64/lua/luarocks/share/lua/5.1//?.lua;/usr/lib64/lua/luarocks/share/lua/5.1//?/init.lua;/usr/share/lua/5.1//?.lua;/usr/share/lua/5.1//?/init.lua;/usr/lib64/lua/luarocks/share/lua/5.1//?.lua;/usr/lib64/lua/luarocks/share/lua/5.1//?/init.lua;/usr/share/lua/5.1//?.lua;/usr/share/lua/5.1//?/init.lua;./?.lua;/usr/local/share/lua/5.1/?.lua;/usr/local/share/lua/5.1/?/init.lua;/usr/local/lib/lua/5.1/?.lua;/usr/local/lib/lua/5.1/?/init.lua;/usr/share/lua/5.1/?.lua;/usr/share/lua/5.1/?/init.lua'

You're probably setting the "prompt_subst" option, which is not the

If you set it you need to double quote all parameters to avoid file name
expansion. So you would do this:

  echo "$LUA_PATH"

But really, why set that option? IMHO zsh fixes one of the biggest
faults of POSIX shells by not expanding globs and by not IFS-splitting
non-quoted string variables... unless you ask for it explicitly.

If you like the POSIX like behaviour better you need to abide by its
most important idiom too: Double-quote *EVERY* parameter you use, unless
you *know* you want the non-quoted behaviour.

> and lua does not find any extensions at all.

I don't know why that is, though.

<guess>The semicolons are correct as delimiters?</guess>

Regards, Frank

In protocol design, perfection has been reached not when there is
nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.
                                                  -- RFC 1925

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