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Re: known hosts tab completion

On Jun 22,  2:48pm, Matt Woodson wrote:
} Let's say I have these hosts:
} host01.stage.example.com
} host02.stage.example.com
} host01.prod.example.com
} host02.prod.example.com
} now, in my prompt, I will type:
} $ ssh hos<tab>
} zsh will show me:
} $ ssh host..example.com
} with the cursor right after "host" and shows me a menu with the host
} names in it. I like the menu showing me hostnames, I just don't want
} it to complete everything.

This similar to the confusion about the default matcher-list that was
discussed about a month ago in the "completion oddity" thread (starts
with zsh-users/17099 if you want to check the archives).

In this case, though, the default matcher-list does not include the
dot character, so you must have a zstyle that does.  Disable it for
this context and you should be able to get the behavior you want.

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