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passing modified parameter list to child

I have two scripts, master and slave. When the master script calls the
slave script, it should pass all arguments to the slave (like in "$@"),
with the following twist: If the LAST argument of master does NOT start
with a dash, this argument should get a prefix "--use=".

For example, if the user calls

  master --foo --bar=baz abcd

this should be turned into

  slave --foo --bar=baz --use=abcd

but a call

  master -x -y

should just become

  slave -x -y

Of course I can solve this "the brute force way", i.e.

- Assign "$@" to an array,
- Test the last parameter whether it starts with a dash,
- If yes, prefix it with "--use"
- Pass the array to slave.

However, given the plethora of array- and string-manipulation features
of zsh, I was wondering whether there is a more "zsh-like" way to do it.

Any suggestions? You don't need to present a complete solution to the
problem; just a few ideas would already help.

Ronald Fischer <ronaldf@xxxxxx>
+  If a packet hits a pocket on a socket on a port, 
+  and the bus is interrupted and the interrupt's not caught,
+  then the socket packet pocket has an error to report.
+		(cited after Peter van der Linden)

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