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Re: Recursive Completition

On Aug 20, 11:43am, René Neumann wrote:
} Subject: Re: Recursive Completition
} Am 19.08.2012 02:18, schrieb Bart Schaefer:
} > setopt globcomplete
} > 
} > Now when you try
} > 
} > ls **/Kern[tab]
} > 
} > the completion system behaves as if you'd inserted a * just before [tab],
} > and offers you the list of matching items as choices.
} Really? I tried this, and noticed you still have to enter the * before
} the [tab].

Hmm, interesting.  I didn't try it for a sufficiently deep directory
hierarchy.  Completion seems to treat **/ as just */ -- only expansion
does the full recursive thing.

Looking more closely, completion splits **/Kern into "**" and "Kern" and
tries to find completions for ** first.  Because the slash has been
removed, ** loses its special meaning.

So it really does need somethng like PWS's recent proposed patch.  Or else
further surgery to _path_files, which is already a bit of a Frankenstein's

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