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Zsh on Debian is beginning to rot

Hello everyone,

Take a look at this output of my Debian Squeeze box:

Package: zsh
Version: 4.3.10-14

Package: zsh-beta
Version: 4.3.10-dev-1+20100720-1

Package: zsh-dev
Version: 4.3.10-14

Package: zsh-static
Version: 4.3.10-14

Debian sid is not much better - version 4.3.17.

I wonder why it's been so long since Zsh has had a decent upgrade on
Debian. Is there no package maintainer? Is there a semi or non-official
Zsh repository for Debian?

Of course (imho) the most convenient solution would be if debian just
would replace all the zsh packages in stable, testing and unstable with
a single zsh package. Version 5.

Hopefully someone's reading this who is able to pull some strings...

Stay in touch,
Mark van Dijk.               ,---------------------------------
----------------------------'         Sun Sep 09 11:08 UTC 2012
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