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Re: vcs_info on a hg repository with a git subrepository; actionformats works ok, formats does not

Ioannis Koutras wrote:
> Generally this setup works well, there is just one case where it does
> not, a mercurial repository with a git sub-repository. More
> specifically, when no change has been done I get a prompt like this:
>> (hg) [git --version ]
> On the other hand, prompt is ok if there is a change, e.g.:
>> (hg) [5! default ]
> I have found out that %i is replaced by "git" and %b by "--version" in
> formats, but in actionformats they seem to be properly replaced.
> Apparently this is an issue of the formatting, but in previous
> versions it was working. E.g. the same configuration works on another
> PC with zsh v4.3.17, mercurial v2.0.2 and git v1.7.9.5. Any idea what
> could be the problem?

There were no changes in the mercurial backend between 4.3.17 and 5.0.0,
so I guess mercurial changed its output. The call responsible for the
information with your setup is probably:

  % hg --debug id -i -n -b -r.

Try those in the working and the non-working setup, is there a

Regards, Frank

(CC:ing Seth, who wrote most of the advanced hg-backend code)

Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author