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Re: bug in replace-string: widget loses characters


your explanation matches exactly what I'm seeing. I wrote:

>> zsh 5.0.0 on Arch Linux here. I'm using the replace-string widget and
>> have the problem that often it loses characters from the current input
>> when I use it. Not always, but often enough.

It even accounts for the "not always" part: I often type a trailing
space at the end of a line (mostly automatically because I'm not
really thinking about whether or not there will be an additional
argument). If that was the last action before invoking replace-string
the space will get removed, but I actually don't realize it has been.
Hence me thinking that replace-string would only lose characters
occasionally instead of all the time.

I'll deactivate the undo part for that widget as you've suggested.

Thanks for looking into it.

Kind regards,

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