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Re: change inside

On 27/10/12 10:42 AM, Bart Schaefer wrote:
I won't attempt to assert that this still *is* the philosophy, because
ever since zsh stopped being interesting as a project for university
computer science students to hack on, we've had a hard time finding
enough volunteer programmers to change much of anything,
How sad, and how difficult to understand. I'm still only using zsh in the most superficial way, and my opinion of it vs. bash isn't worth very much, but for whatever it is worth, I find the bash shell, as it comes ROOTB to be so crippled and horrible and useless as to be almost sadistic. So awful as to drive me right back to DOS, where I had the sublime elegance of 4DOS to work with. I turned to zsh in sheer desperation. It too is rather crippled ROOTB, but it seemed much easier to get to the point where it is a pleasure to use, and now I can't imagine going back to bash. This being so, I don't understand how it might be that keeping zsh brightly polished would *not* be seen as one of the most important tasks in the 'nix world and I would have guessed that there would be hundreds of guys working on it.

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