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Re: completion

On 03/12/12 09:44 AM, Ray Andrews wrote:

I'm trying to get command line completion to only offer me lines that are an exact match for what has already been typed. The number of things you can set in .zshrc is a bit overwhelming. I have all this just for 'completion' and I confess I have little idea what does what:

zstyle ':completion:*' matcher-list 'm:{a-zA-Z}={A-Za-z}'
zstyle ':completion:*:killall:*' command 'ps -u $USER -o cmd'
zstyle ':completion:*' menu select
zstyle ':completion:*' completer _complete _match _approximate
zstyle ':completion:*:match:*' original only
zstyle ':completion:*:approximate:*' max-errors 1 numeric
zstyle ':completion:*:*:kill:*' menu yes select
zstyle ':completion:*:kill:*' force-list always
zstyle ':completion:*:cd:*' ignore-parents parent pwd

Can anyone rationalize all that? I'm going to hack away at it blindly in the mean time, but some fatherly advice would be apreciated.


Ah! Need to bind up arrow to history-beginning-search-backward not history-search-backward and all is well. Barking up the wrong tree with 'completion'. But geez, all this sure is hard to figure out.

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