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Re: Problems with precmd/urxvt

On 12/04/2012 05:01 PM, Bart Schaefer wrote:
Possibly the -t test is blocking until the terminal is ready.  That
would synchronize the shell with the parent urxvt, which would also
explain this:

} Strangely enough, not only I don't get the error anymore, but the
} terminal title also seem to be always correctly set on startup

On the other hand I'd have expected zsh's internals to do the equivalent
of -t at some point during initialization, to decide whether the shell
is interactive in the first place, so maybe introducing a tiny delay
before the print is enough to break the race condition.

I spoke too soon. I got another interrupted call today.

It seems that, like you say, [ -t 0 ] just delays the call long enough for urxvt to be available most of the time, so it became very rare, but not absent.

I just suppressed the error now. This is tricky to debug and I'm quite sure urxvt is at fault (probably the message is due to the window being mapped, but maybe not managed yet!?). Just don't have time to debug it properly now.

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