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Re: completing files first

> Are you using menu-completion? I do, and use this which works well for me:
> zstyle ':completion:*' file-patterns '*(-/):directories
> %p(^-/):globbed-files' '*:all-files'
> zstyle ':completion:*' group-order globbed-files all-files directories

Yes I use setopt menucomplete

Your example works sometimes. It works with "cat <TAB>" -- I get two
separate groups named "file", the first one with files, the second with
directories. Great!

But if I try with "less <TAB>" I get only one group "file", with files
and directories in a (alphasorted) mix. Likewise it doesn't work on my
own completer "_myview" (see below).

I tried, to no avail, adding some colons and asterices to your zstyle,
hoping to somehow make it more general. Is it somehow possible?


local extns


_arguments \
  "*:myviewable documents:_files -g '*.(#i)($extns)(-.)'"

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