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Re: opk zsh completion configuration

joe M wrote:
> Hello opk,
> I hear that you are the "man" for zsh completion.

I'm guessing that's me as that's my initials. I'd be interested to know
where you heard that as I don't normally sign e-mails with my initials.

> I am wondering if you would be kind enough to share your zsh
> completion configuration to help newbies like me.

I'm not convinced that I'd be doing any newbies much of a favour by
sharing my completion configuration as it stands. It isn't commented or
laid out in a way that makes it easy to understand and there are a lot
of things specific to machines I use or aspects of my work environment.

That said, much of it has been shared at various points, either in
mailing list posts, the book (see http://www.bash2zsh.com/) or the wiki
(http://zshwiki.org/). There's also some examples in the file
StartupFiles/zshrc that comes in the source distribution of zsh. A
search would turn up quite a few example zshrc files on the Internet,
some of which are well commented.

It's a good idea to keep a written note of any ideas, irritations or
things that you think could be done better when using the shell. You can
then come back to them when you have time and perhaps post to this list.

If you really want, get back to me directly (off-list) and I'll send my
configuration to you. However, I'll try to find time to look through my
configuration and add more bits to the wiki.


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