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Re: Latest stable release of zsh triggers the addition of paths to $PATH

On 2013-03-12 at 18:08 -0400, James Jong wrote:
> I first noticed this problem in Zsh 5.0.0, but I have just built Zsh 5.0.2
> from scratch and every time I call exec zsh from another shell (e.g. tcsh).
> My $PATH variable ends up with two additional paths, one pointing to
> Keberos and another one pointing to a version of Qt.
> I don't have anything in my .zprofile nor on my .zshrc.
> Why are these paths added to $PATH? Any pointers on what I can look at?

tcsh> zsh -x

If you do that, and also capture stderr to a file, and immediately quit,
then you can grep the stderr output for references to PATH or path.
Ignore fpath, module_path, manpath, etc etc.

This should get rid of most of the cruft:
% pcregrep -n '\b(?i)path\b' zsh.trace

Use the line-numbers to find the matches in the full output and trace
back where the lines come from.


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