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Re: problem with zsh and wildcards in scp commands

On 2013-03-17 13:33:08 +0100, Eike von Seggern wrote:
> Hi John,
> you need to escape the *, e.g. by putting it into quotes:
> scp "user@host:/path/to/*" .
> Otherwise zsh tries to expand it on your local machine and fails, hence
> the "zsh:…" message. Note that zsh's default behaviour differs here from
> bash in that bash inserts a literal * if the glob-expansion failed while
> zsh returns with the error you've encountered.

Concerning this behavior, zsh is more secure than POSIX shells such
as bash.

But to have * escaped automatically, url-quote-magic can be used.
See e.g.


and more generally:


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