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Re: zsh echoing every statement

f. gr wrote:
> Excerpt from James Jong's message
> of 2013-04-30T17:07-0400:
> [...]
>> $ ls
>> 2;ls --color=yes -aF1;ls./ ../ file1 file2 file3
>> In other words, zsh shows 2;COMMAND 1; and then the output without
>> line breaks, which is of course very different from what I was
>> getting with Option 1.
>> What can I do to diagnose the problem? Any pointers would be greatly
>> appreciated
> I use grml's zsh setup. I get the output like you: if I run the
> system by runlevel 1 (or 3) and type the command ls, zsh shows the
> following:
> ;root@hostname: ls [without any line breaks]

Sounds like broken preexec()/precmd() hooks to set terminal titles. If
you didn't write those yourself, I'd suggest you report it to the person
who did.

You can try this to check:

  % unfunction preexec
  % unfunction precmd
  % unset preexec_functions
  % unset precmd_functions

After that, any hook functions should be disabled I think.

> As a normal user the same. The curious thing is that when I run the
> shell by a terminal emulator (in my case xfce4-terminal) the output
> is OK.

I happen to know the grml-setup a fair bit, and I think its title hooks
are fairly solid. If you mess with $TERM however and make the setup
think it is running in a terminal that would support terminal title
setting, although it's actually a terminal that doesn't, then things
like this can happen as well.

If you still think it's a bug, visit the grml folks on IRC:

  #grml on the freenode network

...and tell them, or report a bug via their bug tracking system:


Regards, Frank

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