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Re: "\rm -f" stops after the 1st glob not found

On Wed, 14 Aug 2013 06:25:27 -0300
Leonardo Barbosa <barbosa.leonardo@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I'm sure that's a simple questions, but the keywords are so common
> that i couldn't find the answer by googling them.
> My problem is this, when i type:
> \rm -f *.aux *.blg *.out *.ps *.log *.toc *.tcp *.idx *.bak *.tps
> *.ilg *.ind *.sty *.bst *.bbl
> zsh stops in the first glob it doesn't find. How could i fix this?

You need to change the options (using "setopt" in ~/.zshrc).  There are
various things you can do.

setopt NULL_GLOB

simply removes completely all command line entries where the pattern
didn't expand to anything.


does the same, but if all patterns failed to expand it's an error (a bit


leaves the argument unmodified --- this is what some other shells do, so
it might be your best bet.  That means rm -f will try to remove files
called e.g. "*.bak", but the -f means that's OK.

There's a summary of all (well, some of) this in "From Bash to Z Shell"
chapter 9, page 211 (see www.bash2zsh.com for information about the


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