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Re: mailcap configuration in zsh can't open .bk files

On Aug 30,  9:29am, Peter Stephenson wrote:
} Hmm... the zsh-mime-setup script is smart enough to get this right if
} you specify pdf.bk in ~/.mime.types, e.g.
} application/pdf pdf pdf.bk
} but unfortunately the main shell isn't:  given the suffix alias pdf.bk,
} it only looks for the .bk suffix, so the MIME handler isn't started.

The documentation would imply that it is therefore sufficient to put the
pdf.pk rule in ~/.mime.types, run zsh-mime-setup, and then add

    alias -s bk=zsh-mime-handler

Quote from the doc:

    ... Alternatively, if no handling
   for .gz on its own is needed, simply adding the command

       alias -s gz=zsh-mime-handler

    to the initialisation code is sufficient; .gz will not be handled
    on its own, but may be in combination with other suffixes.

Is this not accurate, or am I misinterpreting it somehow?

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