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Re: Twitter Daily ZSH Tip


On 19 October 2013 15:39, zzapper <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Noticing that a previous ZSH Daily Tip Twitter feed had ceased in 2010
> I have started a new one
> https://twitter.com/dailyzshtip
> I hope it will help popularize our favorite shell.
> It will feature day-to-day practical stuff such as
> vi *(.om[$1])   # vim newest file
> Any tips, advice or retweeting welcome!

Problem here:

    % vi *(.om[$1])         
    zsh: bad math expression: operand expected at `'

Please advise. My environment is:

    % echo $ZSH_VERSION     
    4.3.17                  # this host is debian 7.2 (debian stable)
    % setopt | sort | column
    allexport               interactive             nobgnice
    autocd                  interactivecomments     nohup
    correctall              longlistjobs            nonomatch
    extendedglob            markdirs                pathdirs
    globdots                menucomplete            pushdsilent
    histignoredups          noautolist              shinstdin
    ignoreeof               nobeep

Eric De Mund

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