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5.0.2-test-2 is available

Another test for zsh 5.0.3 is available, 5.0.2-test-3, as you'll see if
you go to http://www.zsh.org/pub/development/ .  (The second compressed
version of the doc bundle was still to arrive when I looked but that
shouldn't worry you.)

I'm hoping this will be the last test version.

There are two reasonably significant changes since the previous test
version as noted below.  The first in particular could do with some
shaking down --- if you have a slightly out of the ordinary OS or
distribution it would be useful if you could try it out and report

There are also a few other bug fixes and function enhancements in the
last couple of weeks.

1. Helpfiles are now generated as part of the installation for use with
run-help (thanks to Martin Vaeth for kicking this off).  This needs a
certain amount of processing including Perl and some manual tools.  (If
anyone wants to volunteer to make this available as Yodl macros,
removing the additional dependencies, feel free and I'll send you a
charity Christmas card.)

If you've poked around the distribution, you'd have seen the tools for
these, but we've never tried to install the result by default ---
although the function run-help was installed and was therefore rather
less useful out of the box than it might have been.

2. Builtins that are marked to be loaded from modules (using "zmodload")
no longer cause an error if the module was already loaded.  This was
apparently causing a problem with the previous test version.


Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author