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Re: Infinite history size

On 2013-12-14 15:49:12 +0400, ZyX wrote:
> It is not possible for history to occupy more memory then you have
> thus if you think there is no upper limit then you are false.

While true, any "infinite" related to resource consumption in computer
science has similar restrictions related to the environment, I
considered it an implicit caveat of my request.

> You should determine how much memory you have, how much of it you can
> allow to be occupied by the history (AFAIK it is always fully loaded
> into memory) and act accordingly. Removing the limit is not wiser as
> it leaves you with an idea that there is no limit while it is always
> limited by available resources.
> Or if you do not think you will ever hit a problem with resource
> exhaustion you can just set HISTSIZE to LONG_MAX from limits.h: it is
> the maximum number HISTSIZE can have.

So I'll take the answer as "you can't" (although LONG_MAX is obviously
not something that I'm going to reach :-) ).

Thanks anyway.

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