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Re: Expanding quotes

On 26/12/13 06:50 AM, Yuri D'Elia wrote:
On 12/24/2013 06:18 PM, Ray Andrews wrote:
I prefer simplicity with some resulting limitations on what can be done,
over complicated efforts to do 'anything'.  It's just as Bart said, some
issues are better left 'unsolved'. The solution could be worse than the
problem.  I think back to my DOS days, where almost all of the 'special'
characters were reserved--it sure made things simpler.
I think you're conflating the text UI of a shell, the filesystem and the
shell language itself as part of the same issue. Yes, taken together, I
do agree that from my user point of view it's definitely inconvenient
and the interaction is not ideal. However, I would gladly prefer a shell
solution than "fixing" what's clearly not broken: the filesystem.
You're right, I'm looking at this as one collective issue. But IMHO the thing that is broken is to permit things like double quotes in a filename at all. From what I understand, POSIX does not allow it, but maybe I misunderstand. Anyway, if somehow zsh can learn to live with this sort of thing, then so be it, but I think the task should not be asked. Perhaps some switch or flag of some sort could be added to indicate: "I have quotes in filenames here ... God be with you." Anyway, that's how it looks to me, maybe I'm wrong.

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