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Re: widget special PREFIX variable and cursor position with complete_in_word

Yuri D'Elia wrote:
> I wasn't sure before, but it doesn't seem to work for me.
> I see the function being called and ZLS_COLORS being set, but no
> colorization happens.

That's odd. Perhaps something in your setup conflicts with it. It'd be
interesting to know what.

I've just tried and it works for me starting from zsh -f:
  zsh -f
  zmodload zsh/complist
  autoload -U compinit
  fpath+=( /path/where/you've/put/the/function )
  zstyle ':completion:*::::' completer _show_ambiguity _complete

  setopt noh<tab>

Do those steps work for you?

It isn't going to help if it doesn't work but I forgot the :q for
the last character of the prefix and it seems to be worth making the
pattern case-insensitive with (#i) as case-insensitive completion
matching is common:


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