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Re: Local/global history with pattern isearch

On Mar 4, 12:44pm, Jan Larres wrote:
} Okay, the good news first: I found the culprit! The issue was caused by
} the zsh-syntax-highlighting script

Hmm.  I don't use that, but looking at it, it should be the case that if
you define your widget first then it will skip trying to redefine it,
and if you define yours second then yours will replace the highlighting
one.  (This is all because your widget has the same name as a builtin.)

That explains why 
} ... a quick swapping of order doesn't seem to make any
} difference.

Moving on:

} During my tests I also found a way to make zsh segfault.  While I still
} had the above script enabled

Users of zsh-syntax-highlighting have reported segfaults before.  There
must be a subtle mistake somewhere in the zsh_highlight internals.  I'm
not going to try to run this one down, so if any other zsh-workers are
listening and inclined ...

} I occasionally encountered some strange
} behaviour, described in this sequence:
}   1. Press ^r and enter something common like 'ls', the first result
}      gets displayed
}   2. Press ^r again, a "failing bck-i-search" message gets displayed
}   3. Press ^r again, another result from the history gets displayed (huh?)

This is almost certainly related to what I said in my previous message
on this thread, about the $LASTWIDGET test being wrong.  So it probably
(but not definitely) is not related to the segfault.

}   4. Press ^r again, "failing" message again and/or segfault

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