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Re: Using zsh from another shell


On Wed, Mar 26, 2014 at 09:37:22AM +0100, Florian Lindner wrote:
> I have a SSH account on a machine where I can't change the shell. The
> default login shell is tcsh. Right now I invoke zsh by calling it as the
> last command in ~/.cshrc. It seems to work fine except that I need to type
> exit twice to close the session.

> Are there any other potential problems I haven't noticed so far?

    you should'nt have any problem so far, I have done that for  a while
when my university was forcing us to use ksh. I then had all my favorite
tools compiled in my account, and shared those with all the  other nerdy
students at the time.

> Is there a way to work around the twice exit issue?
> Is there a recommended way of using/invoking zsh in this situation?

well, you don't need to exit twice, just do:

    exec /path/to/zsh

and it will replace your tcsh shell instance with zsh's.



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