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RE: Using zsh from another shell

On one system I regularly use, there are a lot of machines using YP/NIS.
I had initially used ypchsh, but found that I couldn't log into boxes that didn't have zsh installed.
My workaround is that I just use ssh aliases now.

$ alias box6
box6='ssh -t myusername@someNISbox-06 "exec zsh"'

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I have a SSH account on a machine where I can't change the shell. The 
default login shell is tcsh. Right now I invoke zsh by calling it as the 
last command in ~/.cshrc. It seems to work fine except that I need to 
type exit twice to close the session.

Are there any other potential problems I haven't noticed so far?
Is there a way to work around the twice exit issue?
Is there a recommended way of using/invoking zsh in this situation?

Thanks a lot,

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