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Re: vi-mode: editor function [solved]

Dear Bart,

thank you for the hint. Indeed, I found an edit-command-line module in zshcontrib.
And yes, it is loaded by oh-my-zsh. So I could fix my theme script.

Unfortunately, I have no idea how to set the MODE variable the way you mentioned.
If anybody wants to tell me, you can find the script at 
But don't waste your time. Everything is working well, now.

Thank you
Bart Schaefer <schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> schrieb am 3:50 Donnerstag, 15.Mai 2014:
On May 14,  9:18pm, Sepp Tannhuber wrote:
} Subject: vi-mode: editor function

} I have written a theme for the oh-my-zsh prompt from robbyrussel
} because I was sometimes confused about the different vi modes. My
} prompt shows, at a glance, which vi mode is active, similar to the vim
} airline plugin.
} Unfortunately I could not find something like vi-editor it in the
} zshzle manual. Has anybody an idea what I can use instead? Or what is
} the default vicmd for [v]?

There is no default binding for v in vicmd mode, so you are encountering
something installed for you by oh-my-zsh.  Most likely it is the user-
contributed edit-command-line widget (man zshcontrib).

If oh-my-zsh hasn't already pre-empted the zle-line-init, zle-line-finish,
and zle-keymap-select widgets, you might find it more effective to set the
MODE variable with those, rather than trying to override all the individual
widgets that might change mode.

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