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Re: Zsh changes on Ubuntu

Hi Guido!

I'm Cc'ing zsh-users once more for explanations which may be
interesting for others, too. But I think that we should take the
remainder of the package upload sponsoring discussion off-list.

On Fri, May 23, 2014 at 12:59:22AM -0700, Guido van Steen wrote:
> It makes me happy to see your and Torsten's interest in my Debian
> package. I am the developer of Fizsh.

And you are reading this list, good! :-)

I planned to reproduce Torsten's issue on Debian and would probably
have reported it against the Debian package.

> > Then again, the fiszh developer -- who also maintains the Debian
> > packages of fiszh -- sadly doesn't seem to have much interest in the
> > Debian/Ubuntu packages anymore as he released 1.0.5 in 2011 but never
> > uploaded packages for the past three releases to Debian or Ubuntu --
> The above is not exactly true. I did upload the most recent version
> of Fizsh to Debian Mentors (see:
> https://lists.debian.org/debian-mentors/2011/10/msg00404.html).
> However, no Debian Developer showed any interest in this sponsorship
> request. 

That's a pity. I must admit, I haven't checked the mailing-list
archives. As I see now I should have...

And since mentors.debian.net has been rewritten since then, old
uploads are no more shown on
http://packages.qa.debian.org/f/fizsh.html -- I would have noticed
that otherwise since more recent uploads do.

I would also have noticed if you would have commented on
https://bugs.debian.org/704863 -- posting such a comment into the BTS
causes probably more long-time awareness for sponsoring needs than a
single post on the mailing list. In the meanwhile there's also a
pseudo package called sponsorship-requests[1] and bug reports against
that package are shown by the recent how-can-i-help tool if the
according package. (Yes, that's all improvements that weren't there
back then.)

[1] https://bugs.debian.org/sponsorship-requests

> Yet, since you are a Debian Developer, you may still sponsor the
> latest version of Fizsh (1.0.5) into Debian. 

Please reupload to mentors (or any other place where I can download
it) and I'll review and likely sponsor the package.

> After I finished version 1.0.5 almost three years ago, the package
> was 100% Lintian clean. Meanwhile Lintian might complain about some
> violations of modifications of the Debian Packaging Policy. I am
> willing to address such issues, on the condition that you will
> eventually sponsor the improved package.

Thanks, appreciated!

> In that case I will also try to correct the issue reported by
> Torsten.

Much appreciated! Frank knows details as you may have noticed, so for
that you better ask him (or this list).

> I will further include the latest versions of
> "zsh-history-substring-search" and "zsh-syntax-highlighting". 

... which means it will become a new upstream version, too. Also good.

> So, if you agree, let's do some work together, and have a new
> version of Fizsh uploaded to Debian 8/Jessie. 

Will do.

> PS. I would not file a bug against the current Ubuntu package.

Seems no more necessary anyway. Against my suspection, this list
seemed to be a good place for this specific report.

But I wouldn't recommend doing that in general. If you are not sure
that it's an upstream issue, it's often better to report it to the
distribution where your zsh package came from first -- to not bother
upstream developers in case it's a distribution specific issue.

		Regards, Axel
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