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completion: _normal after argument


for some scripts I am currently writing some completion functions.
The syntax of the call should be

foo [lots of complicated options] CMD [shell-command with options]

Naturally, since the options can be treated with _arguments in
a standard way, I want to use something like

_arguments -C -s -S -A '-*' : \
 --optA=....  \
 --optB...  \
 -q... \
 '1:command:->cmds' \

It is clear to me what to do in case $state == cmds
But what to do in case $state == normal?
Essentially, I want to call of course _normal
(after cutting the "options+CMD" part from the words array and
decreasing the CURRENT parameter correspondingly).
But how to find where the "options+CMD" part has finished?

Is it really necessary to "manually" parse all the options again
(checking what is argument etc, that is, essentially to re-programm
manually what should already have been done by _arguments)
or is there another possibility?

In case the above description is unclear:
Here is a link to the [yet unsatisfactory] completion file


(Currently, I always remove everything up to CURRENT, but this is
"correct" only for the first argument after CMD, of course)

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