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Re: rsync --progress stops completion

On Sep 21,  7:33pm, Yuri D'Elia wrote:
} As an additional question, is there a way to change the prompt
} temporarily, or do I have to set a post-command hook and restore it
} manually?

There's no clean way to repaint the prompt from inside a completer --
you'd have to run "zle -I" which will redraw the display starting on
a fresh line.

You might be better off using "compadd -x" to display a message, but
that only shows up if there's a completion listing.  Hmm.

In any case to answer your direct question, no, there's no temporary
RPROMPT.  You'd have to restore it in e.g. a precmd hook, or use a
conditional prompt and tweak things related to the conditions (such
as elements of the psvar array).

} I'd like to set RPROMPT to "<fallback" and set transient_rprompt as an
} indicator that the fallback is active.

Of course if you set transient_rprompt and the line is already too long,
your indicator won't be visible.

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