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Re: zsh 5.0.7

On Oct 11,  2:46pm, Ray Andrews wrote:
} Ok, so what's the approved fix? In this particular install I have no
} need to keep anything around that's not current, and of course I want
} all roads to lead to 5.0.7. Should I just fiddle with the pointers?

You have several choices.

Firstly, you need to see if chsh will let you set your login shell to
/usr/local/bin/zsh.  If it won't, you can either --

1. find out which path actually is your login shell and link that path
   to /usr/local/bin/zsh, or (if that would fluster your upgrades)

2. try editing the file /etc/shells to add /usr/local/bin/zsh and then
   run chsh again, or

3. set up your login shell init to "exec /usr/local/bin/zsh" in the
   appropriate circumstances.

See FAQ "I don't have root access: how do I make zsh my login shell?"
for discussion of that last.

Once you get zsh going as your login shell, you need to change the
order of directories in the $path array to put /usr/local/bin near
the front.  If you can't do that for some other reason, you're back
to option (1) above.

You can also try to use your package manager to find out what installed
/usr/bin/zsh{,5} and remove that package.  Once you have done so, you
can rerun configure in your zsh build to set --exec-prefix=/usr and
then rebuild and install, but it'd probably be wiser to get it running
out of /usr/local if you can.

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