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Re: tab completion bug?

On Thu, Oct 23, 2014 at 9:06 AM, Peter Stephenson
<p.stephenson@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> echo /Users/luomat/Dropbox/sites/<TAB>
> produces sensible results?


I wanted to make sure I was testing exactly what you suggested, so I
did a copy/paste your command (not including the <TAB> of course)

        echo /Users/luomat/Dropbox/sites/

and then pressed <tab> which gave me

        echo /Users/luomat/Dropbox/Sites/

pressing <tab> again gave me content of $sites/

SO, I went to ~/.zshrc and changed




and I can do:

       cd $sites/<tab>

and get the list of the directories as expected.

SOLUTION: Make sure that the variables/named directories are named
more precisely in ~/.zshrc

Note that the actual directory is named "Sites" and there is no
"sites" folder. The Mac OS X filesystem (HFS+) is "case preserving but
not case sensitive" (which I've always disliked, and now I have yet
another reason why).

I would still suggest that the original behavior which left me with
"cd $sites//Users/luomat/Dropbox/Sites/" is a zsh bug, but I will
leave that decision to those more qualified to answer.

Thanks for helping me figure this out!


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