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Re: How to stop dir expansion in the prompt?

On Nov 4,  5:42pm, Shiyao Ma wrote:
} When outside a vcs directory, `echo $vcs_info_msg_0_` gives %d, which
} is the same string in zstyle nvcsformat.

Ah, of course.  You want:


The (%) in ${(%)vcs_info_msg_0_} tells it to do prompt expansion right
away, rather than return the format for the prompt to expand later, so
then the /#$HOME/ can do its work.

} Yup. One minor question. No matter how many % I write, like this
} one:echo  ${vcs_info_msg_0_%%%%%}, it's the same as echo
} ${vcs_info_msg_0_}. So what's % here?

     If the PATTERN matches the end of the value of NAME, then
     substitute the value of NAME with the matched portion deleted;
     otherwise, just substitute the value of NAME.  In the first form,
     the smallest matching pattern is preferred; in the second form,
     the largest matching pattern is preferred.

So after the first two %%, any more % you add become the pattern, which
is unlikely to match in a directory name.

I don't know why Julien left %% in there with no pattern after it.

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