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Re: How to add a 'non-escaped' tilde to the completion list

On Mon, 10 Nov 2014 12:07:29 +0100
Death Jester <d3ath.jest3r@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi *,
> I have the following completion function:
>   function _term_list(){
>     local -a w
>     for SESSION in $(pidof  zsh); do
>       PA=$(readlink -n /proc/${SESSION}/cwd)
>       case ${PA} in
>         ${HOME}*) w+=$(echo ${PA} | sed s"|${HOME}|~|") ;;
>         *) w+=${PA} ;;
>       esac
>     done
>     compadd -a w
>   }
>   zle -C term_list complete-word _generic
>   bindkey "^v" term_list
>   zstyle ':completion:term_list:*' completer _term_list

You can replace the whole case with:


which does the substitution you're after --- it substitues all named
directories, in fact, not just $HOME, but presumably that's OK.

Note you do need the parentheses when you're adding array elements,

> But unfortunately the
> line '${HOME}*) w+=$(echo ${PA} | sed s"|${HOME}|~|") ;;' does not work
> as intended. The tilde is always "escaped". So the output looks like:
>   \~
>   \~/folder
> How can I remove the backslash.

I presume you mean it's escaped when it's inserted on the command line.

The short answer is you need to add the -Q flag to the compadd at the
end of the function so that the name doesn't get quoted.  However, you
need to be a bit careful since that implies that you've already quoted
the rest of the name (having spaces is the most common cause of grief).

I'm sure there's some prior art on this in the completion system that
others will remember better than me.


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