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Re: first effort with git

On Tue, 11 Nov 2014 19:37:53 -0800
Ray Andrews <rayandrews@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I just tried a 'git'. It looks like it all came down the wire,
> but on trying to build I get this:
> .....
> ./B06fc.ztst: starting.
> Pattern match failed:
> <*%*
>  >HP-y5--5-Debian1# HP-y5--5-Debian1# HP-y5--5-Debian1#
> Test ./B06fc.ztst failed: error output differs from expected as shown 
> above for:
>    $ZTST_testdir/../Src/zsh +Z -fsi <<< $'fc -p /dev/null 0 0\n:'
> Was testing: Checking that fc -p doesn't core dump when history size is zero
> ./B06fc.ztst: test failed.

The test is equivalent to running

zsh +Z -fsi <<< $'fc -p /dev/null 0 0\n:'

and expecting to see a command line prompt, which would have a "%" in
it --- the "<*%*" hieroglyphic says "look at standard output from
the test and do a pattern match against the pattern '%*'".

Instead, somehow you're managing to get the shell to produce the output
"HP-y5--5-Debian1# HP-y5--5-Debian1# HP-y5--5-Debian1#" before
the command line shows up.  Quite likely something run from /etc/zshenv,
at least there's nothing much else it could be.

I suppose the test could be a bit more sophisticated about this: it just
needs to prove you got the command line prompt eventually.


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