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Re: git along

This is really more suitable for zsh-workers, but to keep the thread in
one place:

On Nov 13, 11:09am, Ray Andrews wrote:
} The 'git' manual being longer than War and Peace, let me ask
} some simple questions:

There's a section on "Use of Git" in Etc/zsh-development-guide which has
pointers to additional help.

}        git clone git:where-its-coming-from where-its-going-to
} ... simple. If I rerun it with the same target dir, will it just
} update, or will it do the full monty all over again?

You don't want to clone again.  Use "git pull".

} Would any files I've added be preserved, or nuked?

I don't believe git will ever nuke something that's not under its control,
but I've never done a clone on top of a clone.

} Can we:
}      git just-show-me-whats-changed ... ?

git status  -- to see what files are (not) under git control

git diff  --  to see what *you* changed but did not yet commit

git whatchanged  -- to see change history of your current source tree

git whatchanged origin/master  -- for changes you may not have "pull"ed

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