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Re: passing a zsh option when opening an xterm

Am 14.11.2014 um 13:27 schrieb Louis-David Mitterrand:
> Hi,
> When opening my fixed xterm's from my desktop startup file I'd like them
> to not quit when accidentaly pressing CTRL-D.
> How can I pass zsh's ignoreeof to the xterm?
> (I don't want that option in my .zshrc as I like to terminate temporary
> xterm's with CTRL-D)
> I tried "xterm -e zsh -i -7" which works but wondering if there is
> another way?

What speaks against using the line above in your desktop startup file?
Especially as you require to have behavior A for 'startup xterms' and
behavior B for 'temporary xterms' -- how is the shell expected to
distinguish the one from the other¹?

- René

¹ Of course you could create a symlink 'startup-xterm' linking to xterm,
and then differentiate in .zshrc between xterm and startup-xterm. But
when allowing such overhead, you could equally well create a wrapper
script or something alike.

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