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Re: environment stuff.

On Nov 26,  6:25pm, Ray Andrews wrote:
} I trust this parameter space is off limits and I don't have
} to know anything more about it for now?

Er, not exactly.  Shell scripts refer to parameters all the time.
$1, $2, $*, $@ are all parameters (the "positional" parameters);
parameters with names are variables, like $path, $PS1, and $REPLY;
exported variables are the environment, and at startup time the
environment is [mostly] implicitly imported into variables that
are automatically marked as exported.

Then there are various types of parameters (scalars, arrays, and
associative arrays AKA hashes) and subtypes (integer and float are
scalars, but most scalars are not integer or float).

So you do need to know about what parameters are, but there are a
lot of them whose purpose you might not need to understand if you
aren't directly manipulating a particular shell feature.

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