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Re: triviality with prompts

On Dec 3,  3:14pm, Ray Andrews wrote:
} Subject: Re: triviality with prompts
} \
} ' '
} " "
} $' '
} $( )
} ... all cross-pollinating each other in various ways, but is that it for
} the main species?

$( ) is substitution, not quoting.  It is true that if you have both
outer double quotes and a $( ) inside them, then the rules for parsing
command substitution take over until the matching close-paren is found;
but otherwise nothing is quoted differently just because it is inside
a command substitution.

} Oh, and of course there's the various flavorings like 'rc_quotes' and
} I guess a few others like that.  Tractable.

The other major one is aritmetic evaluation in (( )) where everything
behaves as if double quoted, and then there are the special cases in
parameter subscript expressions, which can get a bit strange but in
practice you'll almost never run into.

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