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Parallel backupping embedded systems...how?


Currently I am experimenting with two of this little
linux systems: http://www.acmesystems.it/arietta

Since everything is changing fast I often make backups.
I nfs-mount both Ariettas to mountpoints on my PC and
tar the whole stuff.

If tar is done for both systems, I compress the resulting
archive with 7z.

Currently this is done in pure sequentiell order...and slow

I would like to do that in parallel if possible. I thought
of gnu parallel ... But I have two different input parameter
(both mountpoints) and (more complicated) tow different output
parameter ... the names of the archives.

If I put both tar processes into background I dont know
how to wait correctly for the jobs end to start 7z.

And most important: I dont know what I dont know in this
case... ;)

What is the most "hassle free" and secure (in the sense of
"not failing") way to do what I want to acchieve with

Thank you very much in advance for any parallel help :) ;)

Best regards,

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