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Re: surprise with echo

On Dec 18,  8:14pm, Kurtis Rader wrote:
} Bart, It appears to me that zsh treatment of "setopt rc_expand_param" is
} *not* consistent with the Plan 9 rc shell.

That would not be surprising.  A number of rc and ksh features were put
into zsh based entirely on Paul Falstad's interpretation of the other
shells' documentation, with no access to an actual implementation of
the other shell to compare results.  I personally have never tried out
the Plan 9 shell.

} As a grey-beard (I fell in love with UNIX in the 1980's when the
} C-shell was bleeding edge) I'm familiar with all the major variants of
} shells and kernels.

We ought to have a secret handshake or something by this point.  I led
the team that ported Z-Mail to 29 different UNIX variants and three
windowing systems, back in the 90's, after spending my grad school
years in the 80s parallelizing applications for the Sequent machine
and playing with Smalltalk on a Tektronix 4315 running UTek.  Did you
ever get to program Occam in the folding editor, for Transputer apps?
(Good lord it's been a long time since I uttered any of those words.)

Barton E. Schaefer

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