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Re: Always display prefix, even if unambiguous?

Sorry about this, I'm attaching the relevant (and maybe some irrelevant) parts of my .zshrc I changed from using file-patterns to simply list-dirs-first, which seems to have the same effect (without allowing me to manually specify tags and desciptions). In any case, if anyone has an idea for a workaround, I'd love to hear it

On 29/12/14 05:55, Bart Schaefer wrote:
On Dec 27, 11:37pm, Aleksandrina Nikolova wrote:
} I hope I made myself clear. How can I "fix this"?

You haven't made yourself entirely clear because there must be some
zstyle values or other settings that get you to the situation you have
so far.  For example, I can't get anything even close to your example
output without at least "setopt globcomplete".

However, I *think* the answer to your question is "you can't."  The
_path_files completion function unconditionally passes the -p (hide
prefix) option to "compadd" with the longest unambiguous directory
path of every file name that it finds.

I thought perhaps the "fake" style could be caused to create a false
ambiguity that would get you what you wanted, but I haven't managed
to formulate a working example.


autoload -Uz compinit
zmodload -i zsh/complist

zstyle ':completion:*' completer _expand _complete _prefix _complete:-separators _match _ignored _approximate
zstyle ':completion:*:expand:*' add-space true
zstyle ':completion:*:prefix:*' add-space false
zstyle ':completion:*' accept-exact false
zstyle ':completion:*' accept-exact-dirs false
zstyle ':completion:*:paths' ambiguous true
zstyle ':completion:*' insert-tab false
zstyle ':completion:*' insert-unambiguous true
zstyle ':completion:*' last-prompt true
zstyle ':completion:*' list-dirs-first true
zstyle ':completion:*' list-grouped true
zstyle ':completion:*' list-packed true
zstyle ':completion:*' list-suffixes true
zstyle ':completion:*' original true
zstyle ':completion:*' path-completion true
zstyle ':completion:*' rehash true
zstyle ':completion:*' remove-all-dups true
zstyle ':completion:*' prefix-hidden false
zstyle ':completion:*' squeeze-slashes false
zstyle ':completion:*' expand suffix
zstyle ':completion:*' fake-parameters 'DISPLAY:scalar'
zstyle ':completion:*' group-name ''
zstyle ':completion:*' list-colors ${(s.:.)~~LS_COLORS}
zstyle ':completion:*' list-prompt %Smatch %M, line %L: Hit '<TAB>' for more, or the character to insert%s
zstyle ':completion:*' select-prompt %SScrolling active: current selection at %p%s
zstyle ':completion:*' menu select=2
zstyle ':completion:*' auto-description true
zstyle ':completion:*' verbose true
zstyle ':completion:*' word false
zstyle ':completion:*:auto-describe' format 'specify: %d'
zstyle ':completion:*:descriptions' format '
zstyle ':completion:*:-command-:*' completer _expand _complete _prefix _match _approximate _history _ignored
zstyle ':completion:*:-command-:*' group-order aliases functions builtins commands
zstyle ':completion:*:-command-:*' tag-order "commands aliases suffix-aliases builtins functions:-non-ignored reserved-words" parameters functions -
zstyle ':completion:*:functions-non-ignored' ignored-patterns '_*'
zstyle ':completion:*:complete:*' matcher-list '' 'r:|[._-]=** r:[^[:upper:]0-9]||[[:upper:]0-9]=** r:|=** l:|=**' '+m:{[:lower:][:upper:]}={[:upper:][:lower:]}'
zstyle ':completion:*:approximate:*' max-errors 1 numeric
zstyle ':completion:*:correct:*' max-errors 3 numeric
zstyle ':completion:*:expand:*' glob true
zstyle ':completion:*:expand:*' substitute true
zstyle ':completion:*:expand:*' suffix true
zstyle ':completion:*:expand:*' tag-order expansions
zstyle ':completion:*:prefix:*' completer _complete
zstyle ':completion:*:match:*' match-original true
zstyle ':completion:*:ignore:*' single-ignored menu
zstyle ':completion:*:cd:*' tag-order local-directories "path-directories named-directories directory-stack users"
zstyle ':completion:*:((*-|)files|(*-|)directories)' ignored-patterns '.*'
zstyle ':completion:*:jobs' prefix-needed false
zstyle ':completion:*:jobs' numbers true
zstyle ':completion:*:processes' list-colors '=(#b) #([0-9]#)*=0=01'
zstyle ':completion:*:processes' insert-ids single
(( $UID )) && zstyle ':completion:*:processes' command "ps -u $USER" \
		     || zstyle ':completion:*:processes' command 'ps -e'
zstyle ':completion:*:sudo::' environ PATH="/sbin:/usr/sbin:$PATH" HOME="/root"
zstyle ':completion:*' complete true		# _expand_alias
zstyle ':completion:*' complete-options false	# cd, pushd
zstyle ':completion:*' stop true		# _history_complete_word

setopt autocd cdablevars chasedots chaselinks

setopt completeinword
unsetopt autoremoveslash listtypes

setopt braceccl cshnullglob extendedglob globassign globdots globsubst numericglobsort rcexpandparam rematchpcre

################ ZLE & GENERAL ZSH ################
typeset -g ZLE_REMOVE_SUFFIX_CHARS=$' \t\n'
typeset -g WORDCHARS=¬\`\|@\&\^%\$£\"\'\#_\*=+-\?.\!,\;:\<\>/\\\[\]\{\}\(\)
typeset -ga zle_highlight
zle_highlight=(region:standout special:bold,fg=red suffix:bold isearch:underline)

setopt interactivecomments promptsubst rcquotes

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