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Re: How to link to zsh manual section?

2015-02-07 12:00:56 -0800, Bart Schaefer:
> On Feb 6, 11:23pm, zzapper wrote:
> }
> } A few tips on negotiating the zsh manuals please
> In addition to what Mikael said about the PDF, using the "info" reader
> (or emacs itself if that's your editor of choice) to browse the texinfo
> documentation is probably the best interactive method for finding a
> specific section, command, or topic.  It's the source for the PDF so
> has all the same indices, and has one-keystroke commands for jumping
> to the top of the current section or back to the last place you were
> reading, etc.
> If you have a build tree and have installed yodl, you can read the doc
> for your most recent rebuild with:
>     make info
>     info -f Doc/zsh.info
> Otherwise "info zsh" should pull up the doc for the installed zsh package.

And for age:

info --index-search=age zsh

(or in info zsh, press i to get the index (with completion)).

IMO, info is several orders of magnitude better for browsing the
zsh manual than bash.

On Debian and derivatives, install the zsh-doc package to get


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