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can zsh do this? (fuzzy match, categorised suggestion)

i am wondering if zsh is capable of doing this:

you will find some related tickets here too:

it comes down to:
1. incremental and fuzzy match for types chars so far, and it's on always.
2. categorisation in representation of suggestions/predictions
   (possibilities really) much like in vimperator. for example for
   directories that user can cd into would be one category [dir]. paths
   that user cd's into frequently (say a project directory) another
   category [bookmarks]. for command already typed in there are switches
   and possible completion for those switches, this could be another
   category [arg] and so on and so forth.

this can get wild with more categories but the basic idea is that user
types without thinking much about them and possibilities are represented
incrementally and fuzzily!

SGT. Garcia

Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author