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ANSI bg colour outside of prompt area

Hey Guys!

This is my first ever mailing list post, please let me know if I'm doing this improperly!!

I was wondering if anyone has had any success setting BG colours in their terminal with ANSI escape sequences or with some other method. I had some aliases with escape sequences that I used for bash and shell that would change the background colour. The colour was never reset, and clearing the screen would change the entire terminal's background colour.

ex: echo -ne "\033[1;33;43m"

In zsh, the background color gets reset once the characters have been printed.
	kecho -ne "\033[1;33;43m abcdefg"

I've tried using zle_highlight, or appending to the end of PROMPT, but (as documented) it only colours the editeable lines in the terminal:

I also came across a neat tweak on the mailing list that allows you to change the colour of errors (which is neat, but still not what I'm looking for):
	preexec() { echo -en "preexec () { echo -n "\033[11;43m"; }

I'm running out of steam though I hoped maybe that precmd or something like that might yield some results but I'm a little stuck at the moment. Any chance that any of you might be able to nudge me in a different direction?

Thanks Again,
- Will

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