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On Thu, Mar 12, 2015 at 12:15:34AM +0100, toki clover wrote:
> zzapper wrote:
> > I believe that you can extend zsh by writing your own modules
> > functions etc. But how many of you are actually doing this and
> > what sort of things are you doing?
> Take a look at oh-my-zhs[1] or prezto[2] on github.com

At least omz is just a bunch of (z)shell code, no C code involved. And
after a short search for prezto on github, it seems to be just yet
another "zsh configuration framework". So I don't expect C code to be
involved either.

But as I understood zzapper, he actually meant writing stuff in C, at
least "writing modules" implies that AFAIK.

IIRC there was recently a thread on one of the zsh mailing lists about
zpython, which embeds the python interpreter into zsh or similar:

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