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Re: GLOB_COMPLETE and numbered directories

Bart Schaefer wrote on Thu, Mar 19, 2015 at 09:06:12 -0700:
> On Mar 19,  7:32am, Daniel Shahaf wrote:
> } Subject: GLOB_COMPLETE and numbered directories
> }
> } Consider the following:
> } 
> } % mkdir -p {bar,baz}/iota
> } % cat b/i<TAB>
> } [cycles between 'cat ba<CURSOR>/iota', 'cat bar/iota/', 'cat baz/iota/']
> Not what I see here.
> - First tab does ba<C>/iota
> - Second tab shows list of bar/iota baz/iota below ba<C>/iota
> - Third tab begins cycling bar/iota/ and baz/iota/

That's exactly what I see, too.  Sorry for my inaccuracy.

> } % mkdir -p {10a,11a}/iota
> } % cat 1/i<CURSOR>
> } [press <TAB>]
> } % cat 1<CURSOR>a/iota
> } [press <TAB>]
> } % cat 1a/iota<CURSOR>
> } [stays the same upon pressing TAB]
> } 
> } I expected the second <TAB> press to offer me the possible completions
> } '10a' '11a'.
> With only glob_complete, it works by appending a * to the end of the word,
> not by inserting a * at the cursor position.  1a*/iota* doesn't match
> anything.
> Any time the cursor is left in the middle of a word, it means that the
> completion system is waiting for you to type a disambiguating character.


> } I'd at least like not to be left with "1a/iota<CURSOR>"
> It's supposed to be sufficient to "setopt completeinword" to get the
> behavior you want, and indeed it works if I literally type out
> % cat 1a/iota
> and then move the cursor to 1<C>a/iota before pressing TAB.

It seems to work if I use <Left-arrow> to move the cursor, but not if
I use <M-b> to move the cursor.  Details:

If I type "cat 1a/iota<Left><Left><Left><Left><Left><Left><TAB>", I get
"10a/iota" and "11a/iota" offered below the input line (as in the second
<TAB> press in your description).

However, if I type "cat 1a/iota<M-b><Left><Left><TAB>", nothing happens,
even if I press <TAB> a few more times.

This is in XTerm(278) with TERM=xterm on Debian.  I invoked xterm as
   xterm -xrm 'XTerm*eightBitInput: false'
.  Without that resource, it behaves the same way except <Esc><b> is
required instead of <M-b>.

> However,
> for some reason this doesn't happen when "continuing an in-progress
> completion" with a second TAB.  I believe that's because the second
> tab just regenerates the listing with the same pattern as on the
> first tab, and that's not sufficient to disambiguate.

Okay.  Any pointers on how to get started on a fix?  I tried to have
a look at the code, starting with expandoncomplete() (the C function),
but got lost.



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