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Re: Pasting a line end doesn't work anymore

On 06/30/2015 10:35 AM, Bart Schaefer wrote:
On Jun 30,  9:20am, Ray Andrews wrote:
} I see. so zsh running in an xterm just sits there with it's mouth open
} eating characters as normal, and if it's force-fed via a cut and paste
} there's no obvious way for it to know the difference. So how was that
} changed?

Terminal emulators gained a capability called "bracketed paste" where
they send a control sequence (similar to pressing a function key) at
the start of a paste, and a different control sequence at the end.

Oliver added ZLE widgets to recognize those two control sequences, plus
ZLE startup/shutdown actions that tell the emulator to enter/leave the
"bracketed paste mode" so that it will invoke the widgets.

You could previously do this yourself with zle-line-init/zle-line-finish
plus two other user-defined widgets, but the change makes it built-in
and automatic.

I see, that's quite understandable. Like so many other things, it's beyond me how the previous situation could have been tolerated. I'll never understand the culture.

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